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4 Best Exercises To Reduce Thighs Fat Quickly

Reducing weight in thighs is a main concern for people who are overweight, particularly who are having excessive fat deposits at their middle and lower parts of the body. As thighs constitute to a major part of the lower body, it is essential for you to keep your thighs in shape.

Excessive fat also indicates obesity which is unhealthy. Many people try different exercises to burn fats from thighs but final result is not satisfactory. This is mainly because they follow ineffective or wrong methods for reducing fat which prove useless and also cause muscle injuries.

Maintaining lower body weight is very important as it will bear the weight of the whole body. While exercising for thighs, one should also concentrate on the buttock muscles as both are interrelated. Some of the exercises are discussed in the present article to reduce fat from thighs.

Top 4 Exercises To Burn Fat From Thighs In Less Time

Standing free squat

It is an effective workout to get rid of thigh fat. This exercise can be done at home without any help of special equipment or weights. The simple way to start this exercise is, stand in straight position with your feet and shoulder apart, also keep your back part straight and begin slowly bending your knees and simultaneously backing your butt. When you do this, you will naturally lean front, but then don’t lean extremely. You can go down as extreme as you want but do not lift your heels. Finally, get back to the initial standing position slowly. Repeat this standing free squat exercise 3-4 set.


This is very active exercise to get your thighs in a great shape. This workout targets gluteus medius. There are many lunges exercises, it is up to you to find one best type, which you can do. Drop knee type is the basic exercise, and remarkably one of the toughest forms.

Lying Butt Bridge

Though it is difficult to practice but results are wonderful. To begin with this exercise, lie on your back on the floor with the knees slightly bending which points to the ceiling and place arms at your sides. Elevate your pelvis upward towards the ceiling so that your body will be at 45 degrees to the floor. After you have made it to the top of the movement, slowly come down. Repeat the exercise for 5 to 6 times a day.

Back Kick

It is the best exercise to shape your buttocks and thighs. This exercise boosts your stamina, strengthen your leg muscles, and increases your lower body parts strength. You can begin the exercise by standing straight, looking ahead, balancing on a single leg and stand. The final step is to lift your leg gently behind you. The important point to note here, slightly bend your knee all through the exercise. Now, bend forward simultaneously pushing your hips and butt back. When bending your hips back, put your legs aside and touch your legs with your hands.