improve eyesight in 30 days

How to Improve Eyesight In One Month

Most people do have some issues with their eyesight and more so if the person has crossed over the 40 year age mark. But it might be surprising to many that eyesight can be worked upon to better the vision in general. Some very useful steps cannot only control the deterioration of sight but can help reverse the lousy eyesight. It would be significant to note that such corrective measures are varying in their effects as most people respond to such practices in very subjective ways.

A defective vision can also point to more severe conditions elsewhere in the body. So the right step would be to correct the root cause of the sickness and not just treat the eye condition alone. Even stress can create problems with the eyesight but rarely do opticians and ophthalmologists focus their attention on this aspect. When faced with deteriorating eyesight, it would be right to have an overall checkup done and not restrict the attention to just the sight alone.

Getting the Diet Correct to Handle the Eyesight

Most physicians would say that people are basically what they take in or eat. Thus the first step to understanding an eye problem is to understand the dietary habits of the person. A diet rich in Vitamin A not only ensures a clear vision but it does help to rectify small abnormalities of the vision. Often in the case of cataract patients, doctors do advice increased intake of the Vitamin A so as to stabilize the condition.

It is not as though only Vitamin A deals with issues of the vision. A good intake of the Vitamin B complex does contribute to better eyesight. There are a number of natural food items that are a good source of not just the Vitamins A and B, but a whole lot of vitamins and minerals that promote good health. Most of the organic elements act in a very subjective manner with people. So something that was a success with one individual need not present the same result with another. In many cases, it is the extent of progress that differs and not if any development occurs at all.

Simple Eye Exercises

It is entirely possible that the eyesight could be affected by fluid buildup which in turn increases the inner ocular pressure. A pervasive step to relieve the inner of the eye of the extra pressure is to do a series of eye movement exercises that would help alleviate the extra pressure build up. When the eyes are made to do the rotations, it will allow the fluid to move around too. Thus in effect facilitating the possible drain out of the liquid and hence correct any consequences to the vision.

What is essential to this particular mode of handling the vision is to understand the exact nature of the condition so that just the right approach can be taken. A good number of doctors advise a broad set of exercises when a more focused approach would have brought in much better and faster result most of the time.

How stress can affect the eyesight Pressure acts on different people in different ways. Often people who have the right approach to matters are the lesser stressed than those who take a less balanced view. There have been increasing reports of stress affecting peoples’ eyesight. Some medications can bring about the relaxation of the individual, but it would be a more balanced approach to take to some form of exercise as part of the daily routine.

Daily morning walks or a regular walk at any time of the day does help relax the individual and improve the overall health profile. This would be more preferable than using medicines to reduce the stress. Most medications do have some side effects or the other and should be used very sparingly.

Simple Yoga to Help Better the Eyesight

Yoga is a very complex set of exercises that aims at a healthy body and mind. At the very root of the yogic exercises is the need to control the mind and with it the whole body. Often it is possible to reach to the very innards of the mind and body by applying yoga. It is wrong to consider yoga as just a set of exercises when it is a powerful means to control the body and its functions.

As said in the above, exercises can prove to be beneficial to improving the eyesight. Some yogic practices would aim at bettering the vision of the individual. A particular feature of the yogic exercises is that the condition would be set right if handled at the very beginning of the issue. The sooner the corrective exercises are executed, the faster and fuller the recovery.

Most people that do practice yoga do emphasize the need to perform the set of exercises regularly. Breaks from the routine must be kept to the bare minimum. The positive aspect of such an approach can be seen when the recovery starts to set in.

Using the Power Nap

In the modern lifestyle, it would be sacrilege to suggest to people to take a small nap after the midday meal. But those folks who do take to this practice would often speak of the sound effects from this nap time. They are a lot more relaxed and the half an hour that is spent in the nap is recovered by the high level of alertness shown for the rest of the day.

More directly, a nap at noon provides the body a time to just relax. Any tension built up during the day till then would be relived after the rest. It is convenient to position the nap to mark the halfway mark of the working day as well. Thus if there is a loss of perfect vision and more so followed by a slight headache towards the midday meal, then a nap at around this time each day is bound to improve the eyesight most of the time.

Try Head Massage

There are times when people get headaches from being tensed up. Massages are a useful step against the build of physical tensions in the body. If there is one way of relieving a stressed neck and head, then it would be to have a simple massage done. Often people whose eyesight are severely affected by the tensed set up do respond somewhat positively to a good head massage.

A vital feature of the head massages is the use of tools or implements to apply the pressure at the focal points as such. If done the right way, a head massage can set right the impaired vision. Even if complete relief is not attained, the massage will get to be corrective to even a lesser extent.

In case a proper and through head massage might not be feasible to do; a pure rolling of the palms on the eyes can be beneficial. This improves the circulation around the area, and the pressure does have a soothing effect. A good massage can work as a distraction to the happenings in the surroundings. It is just another diversionary tactic to relax the mind as well.

Applying a Hot or Cold Compress

There are two ways of using a compress to the forehead and around the areas of the eyes. The first is the warm compress and the other the cold compress. In the hot compress either hot water or steam is used around the forehead. Whereas in the cold compress; it is an ice pack that is being applied to the forehead.

The primary function of the application of the compress is to relive the stress and tensed muscles of the upper head. It is entirely possible that over time, the buildup of the tension can lead to issues with the vision as a whole. Stress affects different folks in different ways, and thus the compress might not have the desired effect on people for this very subjective nature of the situation.


Rather than visit an ophthalmologist at the very instant a loss of perfect vision is encountered, the first step should be to rule out the more physical causes of the ailment. The methods recommended in the above are indicative of reducing stress and hence improve the vision if the contributing factor to the deteriorating vision is indeed the stress build up.

Then there is the need to maintain a healthy diet and the importance of having the vital minerals and compounds that aid in a good vision. Often if the poor vision is accompanied by a searing headache that more or less restricts itself to the frontal area of the forehead, the chances are that it is due to a buildup of tension and it would be possible to use some very physical steps to ensure better vision and in a short time too.