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Know Your Body Type for Muscle Building

Whenever you plan to shed off the fat in your body, you need to take into account that starving to death and eating only lettuce is not the right way to achieve your goal. In order to get that slender body you have always dreamt of having you need to consider not only what you eat but also a good fitness plan to accompany your diet. These two are key factors in helping people lose weight.

However, there is something else most people forget about when they are trying to get a six-pack stomach. We are not all the same, this means that what might suit me might not be suitable for your body type. Therefore, the type of body you have is another determining factor when you plan to lose weight.

According to researchers understanding the type of body you have is essential to find the most appropriate workout plan to help you lose weight. Dr. William H. Sheldon is the one who first presented the different physical structures types. He stated that there are three different types of physical structures namely Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph.

Let us take a look at these body types:

This kind of physical structure is characterized by lean muscles and a delicate figure. An ectomorph will have difficulty putting on weight.

People with this kind of body have the characteristic of having a round body build and most of the times they suffer from having abdominal fat.

This kind of build features a really low level of fatty tissue and compact muscles.

Understanding what physical structure you have will enable you to determine exactly what is necessary for your body in order to be healthy. Once you have determined your build you should also consider how your endocrinal system works so as to reach your goal of getting a slender figure. It is of popular knowledge that genetics has a major role in influencing the kind of body we are going to have. However, in recent studies researchers have been able to state that metabolism and endocrinal system are key factors for body types.

When you find out the kind of physical structure you have and at the same time have a clear understanding of how your metabolism and endocrinal system work you will be able to find the right workout plan for you.