pre weight loss prep

Pre Weight Loss Preparation

Most often when individuals are on a quest to lose weight they start with great intentions but soon get discouraged. This is partly because in their enthusiasm, they try to take on too many different weight loss tactics and soon become over burdened and, they become discouraged when they do not see immediate results.

There are some positive productive ways to get past this obstacle. Start by setting yourself a pre weight loss program. This should consist of the beginning of changing your eating habits. Again, you are easing into your weight loss regime so go about these slowly adding good foods to your diet everyday and eliminating some of the bad ones. Then you need to add some exercise to this and one of the simplest and most effective is just plain walking. There are several reasons this is a most beneficial exercise because…

  • its something you do every day you are just extending the duration to 15-20 minutes straight walking instead of spurts.
  • it is not hard to adjust to, as most exercise regimes are, so you are not likely to give up as easily
  • its low impact so you are not going to feel the discomfort that first comes with other forms of exercise

There may be a risk at this particular point in your weight loss program to feel that what you are doing is fruitless. If you think about it though there is, a good chance that your energy level is increasing and you are beginning to feel healthier. To monitor your progress take advantage of pedometers. This will count the number of steps you are taking and will allow you to monitor you progress and will act as your incentive.

Now as we said, it is important to change your eating habits but there are two important things you must do. First, you must take some multi-vitamin supplement on a daily basis. It has phenomenal benefits such as helping you with your weight loss and improving your overall health.  Secondly, remove all sugars and refined/processed food from your diet.

Therefore, your pre weight loss program is coming down to five simple things.

1. Daily walking for at least 15-20 mins.

2. Measuring your progress with a pedometer or a fitness tracker.

3. Changing your eating habits – reduce calorie intake by reducing sugar and removing anything processed from your diet.

4. Taking a multi vitamin to supplement your daily nutritional needs every day.

5. Practicing intermittent fasting regularly – you can start small and then gradually increase your fasting time.

By incorporating these 5 simple steps you are going to be pleasantly surprised when you see the fat rolling off and the healthy new vibrant you.